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- Hundreds of Partners Took Advantage of this Initial Offering, Originally Created to Support COVID-19 Needs -

BRAMPTON, ONT - January 12, 2021 - D&H Canada, a major provider of SMB and consumer technologies to the North American high-tech channel, announces it has extended the exclusive 60-day repayment terms it has arranged with financing partner DLL until the end of 2021. The distributor originally extended its financing terms through DLL beyond the standard 30-day repayment schedule in the spring of 2020, in an effort to augment the financial flexibility of partners during the COVID-19 crisis.

North American sales through this program increased approximately 85 percent in the past year to-date, year-over-year. Since so many of D&H's partners saw benefit from this offering, the distributor negotiated to maintain the 60-day term opportunity throughout the new year. Partners in both Canada and the US will receive 60-day repayment terms instead of 30 days on all purchases through DLL, with no additional action required on the part of those solution providers.

D&H implemented a series of new credit offerings in March of 2020 to support the needs of partners at the onset of COVID-19, including the extended DLL terms. Many of D&H's SMB partners were granted customized credit plans to help them stay viable and keep their essential business customers supplied with critical technology throughout the crisis.

Since so many organizations required excessive amounts of remote work and learning equipment in a period of days or weeks, many channel partners couldn't have accommodated the influx of orders without extended credit. Other partners needed additional resources due to the contraction of funds elsewhere in the market--including a rash of end-customers who delayed payments because their operations were in lock-down.

Between April and May of 2020 alone, D&H issued close to $50 million in new credit to channel partners. As per January of 2021, that total has grown to nearly $150 million in credit provided by D&H across the US and Canada.

D&H's credit options also include the no-fee Assignment of Funds program, which helps partners take on larger projects from credit-worthy entities such as government and educational institutions, streamlining the application process. This lets partners accommodate greater-than-normal sales during school and government purchasing seasons.

"The DLL extension is a strategic differentiator for D&H. It's another tool we've brainstormed to assist our partners through these late months of the pandemic. We're very appreciative of DLL's ongoing support for this program," began Matt Riley, D&H's director of credit and financial services. "Solution providers can leverage credit to help them close more business, build their practices, and gain a competitive edge as the economy recuperates. More lenient repayment schedules help level the playing field for partners who are often vying against larger, more abundantly funded competitors. D&H is committed to this partner profile, customizing its offerings to help VARs selling into the small and medium business market move upstream toward more profitable projects."

"We want to augment our partners' capabilities throughout Canada, helping them to thrive as we ease back toward a more normal business environment in 2021," said Tom Guagliardi, D&H's vice president of sales and vendor management, Canada. "DLL's extended terms will help scores of resellers continue their efforts to keep our business communities and public sector organization equipped with vital technology to ride out any of COVID-19's repercussions throughout the year."

For more information on D&H's current offerings and their finance partners' programs, please visit D&H Canada's Financial Services page or email for information. New D&H partners can visit the following links in English and French for DLL's credit application. Call (800) 340-1008 to speak to a D&H Canada representative.

About D&H Canada

D&H Canada believes the most important element of doing business is developing relationships for mutual success, delivering superior engagement experiences to its community of partners and team members. The company continues to build upon its 100-year-old culture, providing a wealth of partner enablement resources, multi-market expertise, and consultative services. D&H maintains a focus on independent VAR and MSP partners, expanding their competencies in areas such as cloud services, ProAV, UCC, server and storage, and core networking technologies across a range of markets. Its value proposition includes highly-lauded training opportunities and partner engagement events, dedicated Solutions Specialists, certifications, and professional marketing resources.

The distributor has its Canadian headquarters in Brampton, ON, and its US headquarters in Harrisburg, PA. Additional warehouses are located in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Fresno, CA, and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Engage with D&H toll-free at (800) 340-1008, via, or follow the distributor's LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, and @dandh_ca.

About DLL

DLL is a global asset finance company for equipment and technology with a managed portfolio of more than EUR 35 billion. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, DLL provides financial solutions to the Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Construction, Transportation, Industrial, Office Equipment and Technology industries in more than 30 countries. DLL partners with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors, as well as end-customers on a direct basis, to enable businesses to more easily access equipment, technology and software. The company also delivers insights and advice to partners and customers that drive smarter and more economical methods of use. DLL combines customer focus with deep industry knowledge to deliver sustainable solutions for the complete asset life cycle, including commercial finance, retail finance and used equipment finance. DLL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group. To learn more about DLL, visit