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D&H Canada Multi Year Accessibility Plan

This multi-year accessibility plan outlines the policies, achievements, and actions that D&H Canada has taken to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every 5 years (2024-2029).

Statement of Commitment

D&H Canada strives to provide its products and services to all of its employees, customers, business guests, and job applicants in a way that respects the dignity, integration, equal opportunity and independence of persons with disabilities. We are committed to offering equal opportunity to access products and services and to providing the benefit of the same services, in the same place and in a similar way to all customers, including persons with disabilities. D&H Canada is a B2B business without any store-front; its facilities are not accessible to non-D&H Canada personnel. D&H Canada's products and services are not available for purchase by the general public. Rather, D&H Canada only provides services to a limited scope of businesses/customers following an extensive sign-up process and credit check. But in serving this limited customer base, D&H Canada will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Customer Service

D&H Canada values employees' and customers' rights to accessible services, as the following points demonstrate:

  • D&H Canada is committed to communicating with persons with disabilities in ways that take their disability into consideration.
  • D&H Canada employees continue to be trained on the AODA customer service.
  • AODA training is part of our mandatory onboarding for all new hires in Ontario.
  • AODA training is tracked and recorded.
  • All employees have received training on AODA customer service in-person or by using the company's LMS portal.
  • Customers may receive documents in a different format that meets their individual needs.
  • D&H Canada offers a feedback process for sharing observations or suggestions to help improve our accessibility process or procedures.

Action Item:

  • D&H Canada will continue to comply with the AODA.


D&H Canada will continue to provide training to all employees per the requirements of the accessibility standards under the AODA and the Code as it relates to people with disabilities. Therefore, D&H Canada is committed to the following requirements and practices:

  • All employees are required to complete AODA education through e-learning, online, paper, or any other format during their orientation.
  • AODA training and the Ontario Human Rights Code have been added to the LMS system.
  • Maintaining all training records in the LMS system or signed off by the employee.
  • All new employees are required to complete the AODA training within 30 days of employment.
  • Training on any changes to the policies will be ongoing.
  • Continue to provide mandatory training when there are changes to policies and procedures.
  • Training will be provided through e-learning, handouts, classroom settings, or other formats.

Action Item:

  • Learning and Development team continues to train all employees on DE&I.

Information and Communication

D&H Canada is committed to meeting the communication needs of people with disabilities. We currently work with individuals requesting alternative formats and have created a feedback process that is available upon request. To those ends, D&H Canada is committed to the following practices:

  • D&H Canada ensures that essential information is accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • The feedback process is available through phone, email, mail, or in-person, upon request.
  • Employee training is provided in various formats including in-person, LMS system, or an assigned trainer.
  • Ensure that everyday signs are easy to read and legible to most people.
  • Share communication plans that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion by using both external and internal examples and resources.
  • Communication options include but are not limited to telephone, emails, message relay, and text message.
  • Post a notice on the website and on premises that information is available in a variety of accessible formats.

Action Items:

  • Continue to work with marketing team to ensure that all communication efforts reach people with disabilities.
  • Work with our web development team to ensure compliance.
  • Conduct an assessment of the company's website and test for accessibility.

Employment Standards

D&H Canada is committed to inclusive and accessible employment practices that attract and retain individuals with disabilities. The company will continue to take the following steps to ensure it meets its employment standards and policies:

  1. Recruitment
    1. Job postings on Indeed and LinkedIn contain a statement notifying applicants of the availability of accommodations. All postings on those platforms include the statement: "D&H Canada is committed to providing employment accommodation in accordance with applicable laws of the province. If you require accommodations, please notify us."
    2. Notify successful applicants of policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.
    3. D&H Canada notifies current employees when there is updated information about polices for accommodating employees with disabilities.
    4. Consult with employees to determine suitability of format or support.
    5. Provide updated information on accommodation policies to employees when needed.
  2. Documented Individual Accommodation Plans
    D&H Canada will take the following steps to ensure it supports these plans:
    1. Keep all individualized accommodation plan information private.
    2. Provide regular review, updates, and communication with the employee during the accommodation process.
    3. Provide individual accommodation plans and workplace emergency response guidelines in alignment with regulatory requirements.
    4. If requested, information regarding accessible formats and communication support will be included in individual accommodation plans.
  3. Return to Work Process: The accommodation and return to work policy will document the steps D&H Canada will take to facilitate the return of employees who are away from work due to disability.
  4. Performance Management, Career Development, and Redeployment
    D&H Canada is committed to the following practices:
    1. D&H Canada will review all policies that support addressing the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities as well as taking into account individual accommodation plans when using performance management processes, career development, advancement opportunities, and redeployment.
    2. D&H Canada will take into account the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities as well as individual accommodation plans when using performance management, career development advancement opportunities, and redeployment.
    3. Performance plans can be provided in large print or can be read to an employee.
    4. D&H Canada Performance Management tool is available on-line and in a printed format.

Action Items:

  • Continue to train hiring managers to inform prospective employees that accommodations are available throughout the interview process.
  • Notify applicant of D&H Canada's policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.

Design of Public Spaces

D&H Canada will notify the public of any service disruptions via posting and/or e-mail to accessible areas of our public spaces (e.g. entrance door to the building) and will offer alternate services, as noted below:

  • Newly developed workspaces and work environment are accessible to all in the design of the new building.
  • Automated door openers are available in the main pathways.
  • Voice intercom is available for employees, customers, visitors, job applicants, and others.
  • Entrance to the building is wheelchair accessible.

Action Item:

  • Continue to monitor workspaces and alignment with regulatory requirements.

Feedback Process

D&H Canada encourages feedback regarding our Accessibility policies and procedures.

  • Feedback may be submitted verbally, in person, via e-mail (, via telephone, via online form below, or any other available method.
  • D&H will ensure all publicly available information is made accessible upon request.

Accessibility Customer Feedback Form

It is essential that we receive your feedback in order to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of all our customers. We would be grateful if you could provide us with your thoughts on the accessibility experience services to persons with Disabilities here at D&H Canada.