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Total D&H Green Products Ordered Since January 2010,
the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day:


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Office Initiatives

Office initiatives relate to things done in and around D&H locations, such as increased recycling and the use of high-efficiency lighting.


  • Warehouses bale and recycle all cardboard for 3rd party purchase
  • Warehouses bale or containerize and recycle all plastic shrink wrap* for 3rd party purchase

Energy Conservation

  • Motion sensors in almost all restrooms and storage rooms
  • All heating and cooling units have been equipped with timers and temperature lockouts
  • Monitoring all computer equipment is being turned off when not in use
  • Upgraded industrial battery charges have auto shutoffs
  • High energy efficient T5 light fixtures have been installed in all warehouses and corporate, which are 50% more efficient then traditional ha-light or florescent fixtures
  • We currently have 62 Physical (host) platforms running 938 Virtual (guest) servers reducing our hardware footprint and energy consumption
  • IBM blade centers are getting phased out of the environment and replaced with higher density machines to shrink the hardware footprint and help reduce energy consumption
  • In as many instances as possible, spinning disc arrays are being replaced with flash storage reducing OPEX costs by lowering electricity consumption while optimizing power and cooling in the data center, and reducing our hardware footprint
  • Aging network equipment is replaced with newer units that generate less heat and are more energy efficient
*Plastic shrink wrap is a petroleum-based product

Shipping/Logistics Initiatives

Shipping initiatives are highlighted by environmentally-friendly methods being used in distribution practices, including fill materials and box sizes.

  • All cartons consist of at least 60% non virgin corrugation fibers
  • Recycled paper is used as fill material where necessary. This replaces previous air pillows that were more expensive and petroleum-based. Recycled paper also provides better product conformity inside the shipping carton.
  • Where possible with very small items, Jiffy mailer envelopes are used which are made from recycled material and are very cost effective
  • Implementation of algorithm in WMS (Warehouse Management System) that selects the optimal sized container for every order. The program is called MODT (Multi-Orientation Dimension Testing). The logic actually looks at each individual item on an order and figures how each item could be place into a container to insure the smallest package is being selected.

Printing Initiatives

Printing initiatives are centered around the reduced circulation of company reports as well as marketing materials displaying the ‘Please Recycle’ icon.

Marketing Materials

  • Marketing materials are printed with the 'Please Recycle' indicia.
  • Our printers use a combination of soy- and vegetable-based inks, which are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts.
  • The paper used in our printed pieces are environmentally responsible and comes from well-managed, independently certified forests. As a responsible custodian of our environment, we use papers like this to make a difference and enforce our commitment to a healthy planet.

Invoices & Reports

  • Reports are being generated in electronic file format rather than being printed and distributed around the offices
  • Invoices are being sent electronically via email rather than printed and mailed