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D&H Partner Services is a web resource designed to offer our reseller partners a focused area where you can access a variety of tools to help market the technology brands and products that you offer to your SMB clients. You'll find:

  • Free templates developed around general applications or product categories intended for broad appeal to help your clients understand why they need to source the latest IT solutions from you
  • Access to participating manufacturers who offer asset links to product images, brochures, training videos, data sheets and guides all to help educate your customers and drive your business
  • Guides to the latest Partner Programs to ensure you take advantage of expanded benefits offered by participating manufacturers
  • Quick links to participating manufacturer product search pages so you can then easily shop for their current product offerings

Featured Partner Services Templates:

Cisco Network Security Template

Cisco Network Security

Free Marketing Template - Why do your customers need Cisco Network Security? Let this template do the talking for you, reminding them of the threats that are out there, and how Cisco can help them protect themselves against those threats.

Download the template here

Windows 10 - Creators Updates

If you thought you knew Windows...Think Again!

Free Marketing Template - Are you up to speed on the new Creators Update for Windows 10? This template can help you and your customers!

Download the template here

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By further accessing Partner Services, I understand and accept, without limitation or qualification, the following D&H Partner Services guidelines. All materials published on the D&H Partner Services site are intended to be utilized in their current state and can only be modified to include my business' name, logo and contact information. All brand and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and cannot be altered in any way. I understand that any unauthorized use of these materials aside from the intent listed above can result in legal action or penalties.