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Unified Communication & Collaboration with Intermedia & Plantronics [59:55]

Crisp, clear communication from anywhere with any device at any time.

Staying connected with clients is important and, for many businesses, the primary way of contact remains via phone. Communication technology has advanced, moving from an office-only system to an anywhere, anytime communication and collaboration (UCC) solution. Intermedia Unite is a fully integrated UCC platform that combines a PBX phone system, video conferencing, screen sharing, and file management into a seamless cloud experience, allowing customers to stay connected anywhere, without having to use VPN. Partnered with Plantronics UCC headsets and management software, you and your clients can stay connected and collaborative from anywhere in the world. Join Chris Phillips, D&H Solutions and Pre-Sales Team Lead, as he covers the Intermedia Unite Platform, reviews the latest UC hardware from Plantronics, and shows how Plantronics Manager Pro helps to maximize the value of their headsets.

How do I get pricing info on the Intermedia Unite and Plantronics Manger Pro & Headset solutions?
For Plantronics, please contact For Intermedia Unite, please contact

Is the Plantronics Manager Pro software free or licensed?
Licensed, but there is a NFR (Not for resale) client available, as well as a 60 day try and buy for end users.

Does the Intermedia Mobile App include instant messaging capabilities?
Yes, instant messaging is available on the mobile softphone app and will be soon on the PC app.

Does Plantronics Manager Pro support managed services from a VAR to multiple client locations?
Each customer has to have their own tenant / log -in information at a 1:1 ratio.  You can manage multiple licenses but from each individual log-in. You can however create a dashboard to manage multiple customers using Plantronics Manage Pro's open API's.

Is there a Not-for-Resale (NFR) offering for Plantronics Manager Pro which would allow us to use what we sell at a fee, but perhaps a reduced fee?
Yes, there is a NFR client at no charge.

Do you have a list of SKUs for Unite and the Phones?
Yes, please refer to the Unite datasheet and solutions breif in the resources section, free phones flyer, other phones available for Unite platform including wireless handsets and conference room phones. No SKUs necessarily but we do have product information.

Are you able to access Voice Mails on the softphone app?
You can access voicemail from both apps, but only mobile app has transcriptions (desktop does not yet).

What level can you record meetings with AnyMeet?
I miss spoke in the webcast, you can do it can any level.

How does Plantronics Manager Pro track info on none Plantronics headsets?
Plantronics Hub software

How do I partner with Intermedia and begin selling Unite?
You can start by visiting and partner with D&H Cloud Solutions. Certification is required to sell Unite.

How does the Advisor Model work for selling Intermedia?

  • $100 per new user sign up
  • 10% of monthly revenue for under $3500 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
  • 15% of monthly revenue between $3501-$10,000 MRR
  • 20% of monthly revenue over $10K MRR

Feel free to contact the Solutions Lab team at or contact Solutions Lab team members individually at their contact information below:

Trevor Schubert
Trevor Schubert, Solutions Specialist
800.877.1200, Extension 7976

Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips, Solutions Specialist
800.877.1200, Extension 7976


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